Potato Pancakes

Savoury lovers, we have the pancakes for you! What’s our secret ingredient? Potatoes, of course! These deliciously creamy, melt in the mouth pancakes are a delightful filling snack to add to your recipe book. Plus, it’s a bonus if you have left over mash to use up!   You will need: 2 Fairfields Farm potatoes

Sweet Chilli Air Fried Potatoes

Looking for an irresistibly sweet but savoury side dish that doesn’t take up all your time in the evenings? Step this way… We’ve teamed up with Stokes to bring you the ultimate combination of air fried potatoes, coated in their sweet chilli sauce, for that evening treat, that only takes 20 minutes. They’re crispy, fluffy

Easy Air Fried Chips

You are just a chop and an air fry away from creating these quick and easy potato chips. With multiple seasoning options from salt and pepper, to garlic or paprika spiced, they’re a great option for a side dish to accompany a variety of meals. We’ve teamed up with Stokes for an added delicious dollop

Air Fried Loaded Potato Skins

There’s nothing like creating a delicious dish from your leftovers, especially after a long day at work. This simple air fryer loaded potato skin recipe is all about adding extra flavour to your potatoes – and they’re unbelievably crispy. We’ve teamed up with Stokes to add their mouth-watering Cider and Horseradish Wholegrain Mustard to our

Jacket Potato Burgers

This is one of those dishes that is deliciously simple but gets everyone’s attention. It’s not a recipe, so much as a replacement. Think of your favourite burger with all of the toppings you love, but use a jacket potato instead of a bun! Robert is a big fan of a cheese and bacon burger,

Beef & Ale Hotpot Recipe

Quality meat, delicious vegetables and golden potatoes – we all know this is a tried and tested combination that makes you feel better when the sun disappears at 4:00pm and the rain is lashing at the windows. That wasn’t us telling you to go searching through your recipe books trying to find a meal though,

Patatas Bravas

Get a taste of Spain from home this summer with this delicious patatas bravas recipe, but keep it local by pairing with Stokes Garlic Mayonnaise! INGREDIENTS For the sauce: 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 small onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, chopped ½ 227g can chopped tomatoes 2 tbsp tomato purée 2 tsp smoked