15kg Unwashed Potatoes – Various Sizes


Direct from our family farm, our unwashed potatoes are as fresh and delicious as they come!

Grown in rural Essex, the potatoes are grown and harvested as sustainably as possible, before being packed in plastic-free packaging and delivered directly to your door, for free.

About our potatoes

Our potatoes in the unwashed 15kg are great all-rounders but are particularly good for chipping and roasting and slicing up into wedges.

A serving of potatoes contains 30% of your daily Vitamin C intake, as well as being high in fibre, protein and more potassium than a medium sized banana!

They are naturally a long-life product; keep stored in a cool, dark place and they will last for up to three to four weeks.

What happens if they become soft or sprouty?

Don’t worry!  Once the potatoes are taken out of the cold stores and we pack and ship them to you, they are out now of their controlled environment.  This is perfectly fine, and after a couple of weeks in warmer temps they will start to sprout or go slightly softer naturally.  This is not a problem, and they will still eat exactly the same in terms of cooking quality.  The sprouts are fine when simply rubbed off before cooking or peeling.

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Our unwashed potatoes are very popular – not only do you get a great quality potato, but they tend to last much longer than washed potatoes.

Varieties vary by season and availability, but could be varieties like:

  • Markies
  • Sagitta
  • Agria
  • Maris Piper

These versatile varieties can be used for roasting, chipping, baking and much more. Please keep stored in a cool and dark place.

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Weight 15 kg

15kg Of Unwashed Potatoes – Various Sizes