Small Family Potato & Crisps Bundle – White, Baking and Baby Potatoes with 8 x 40g Crisps

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Lightly Sea Salted

Sea Salt & Aspall Cyder Vinegar

Cheese & Onion

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Sweet Chilli

Sea Salt & Black Pepper

Roast Rib of Beef

Bacon & Tomato

Adnams Ghost Ship

Baby Potatoes 750g

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1 x White Potatoes 1.5kg

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4-pack Baking Potatoes (min 700g) × 2

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Our potatoes and crisps are grown, harvested, and prepared at our family farm in Essex, delivered to your front door. This smaller family box is perfect for small families or couples, and available as a one-off purchase or subscription.

What’s in the box?

  • Your choice of 8 x 40g crisps
  • 750g bag of baby potatoes
  • 8 baking potatoes
  • 1.5kg bag of white potatoes
  • Recipe inspiration!

One box will provide you with 16-20 servings of potatoes for meals overall. Because they are farm fresh, they will last longer, too – just pop them in a cold dark place.

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