Potato & Crisps Bundle – Baby and Baking with 4 x Sharing Bags of Your Choice

£14.07 Inc. VAT available on subscription

Coronation Chicken Flavour 150g

Lightly Sea Salted 150g

Sea Salt & Aspall Cyder Vinegar 150g

Cheese & Onion 150g

Note: Our 150g Cheese & Onion is not yet vegan

Sweet Chilli 150g

Roast Rib of Beef 150g

Bacon & Tomato Flavour 150g

Sea Salt & Black Pepper 150g

Baby Potatoes 750g × 3

3 x items pre-selected as part of your bundle

4 x Baking Potatoes (min 700g) × 2

2 x items pre-selected as part of your bundle

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This combo deal contains:
  • 4 x sharing bags of crisps (150g) – you can ‘pick & mix’ the flavours!
  • 3 x 750g packs of baby potatoes
  • 2 x packs of baking potatoes (min 700g)

About our potatoes and crisps

We grow our potatoes in the rolling land of the Colne Valley. One of Laura’s favourite recipes is to boil a pack of our bitesize baby spuds along with a sprig of mint, and then – after 18-20 minutes – dolloping a tablespoon of butter and even more chopped mint. Simple but very, very tasty. Why not give it a try?

The washed potatoes are of the Nectar or Melody variety.

How many will this feed?

The box has 8 baking potatoes (also good for mash and wedges!) and has enough baby potatoes for about 12 servings. Combined with 4 sharing packs of crisps, this is perfect for about 2 weeks of meals and treats, depending on the size and appetite of your household!

Our potatoes are naturally a long-life product and will last for up to three weeks in your pantry, stored in a cool, dark place.

What happens if they become soft or sprouty?

Don’t worry!  Once the potatoes are taken out of the cold stores and we pack and ship them to you, they are out now of their controlled environment.  This is perfectly fine, and after a couple of weeks in warmer temperatures they will start to sprout or go slightly softer naturally.  This is not a problem, and they will still cook well and taste fine.  Simply rub the sprouts off before cooking or peeling.