Fairfields feature in April’s ‘The Delicatessen’

At Fairfields Farm Crisps we are very excited to announce our new features in this months Delicatessen Magazine highlighting how Superbly Sustainable we are becoming!


What’s better than providing totally tasty crisp products whilst also being kind to the environment? Not much we believe! So, let us tell you a bit more about what we are doing in our superb sustainability strategy.

Our first feature in the Deli Magazine gives some insight into our brand new Anaerobic Digester (AD plant) also known as our cool concrete cow. This consumes lots of our waste products and turns it into gas to be used on our farm as renewable energy- how brilliant is that? However, we aren’t stopping there! More of our green energy includes wind turbines and solar panels throughout our land.

Following on from this, the mag also features our new FF 2 GO boxed pack with potato crisps, Lentil bites and yummy Tortilla’s plus a scrummy dip (disposable of course!). We are delighted to have been able to incorporate the boxerchips packaging in our new product as it produces much less waste as more energy can be recovered.

If we weren’t already on a roll, an advert for our lovely Lentil Bites is also present on the back cover of the magazine, also made in an eco-friendly way.

Please check out the full articles here

After reading however we reckon you may well catch the Fairfields Fever! Our new designs are just too good.

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